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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update


March 26, 2021

Dear Partners,

As markets we serve begin to ease Covid-19 restrictions, we want to communicate the measures we’ll be adjusting. The timing of these adjustments will vary by location based on Covid-19 conditions in the local market.

To be very clear, Dixie Plywood’s policy that employees STAY HOME if they have a fever, feel ill, or think they were exposed to someone who has the Covid-19 virus, remains firmly in place. Our policy around wearing face coverings also remains in place.

If you are a vendor partner, please do not visit our facilities if you have a fever, feel ill, or think you were recently exposed to someone who is suspected of, or has Covid-19. Please schedule all visits ahead of time and conform to local branch Covid-19 protocol during your visit.

Here are the Covid-19 measures we are adjusting (again, timing will vary by market):

  • We continue to bring more employees back into the office.
  • Air travel and overnight travel must be approved by local management.
  • Joint calls with vendors and entertaining can resume with branch manager’s approval.

When our sales people travel for “essential business” they are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Have a defined objective.
  • Call and schedule appointments in advance (customer must accept).
  • Follow customer’s guidance for visitors. If it’s less restrictive than Dixie’s, follow ours.
  • Continue Social Distancing and Zero Contact initiatives at all times.
  • Wear a mask as per Dixie guidelines when indoors or outdoors when in close proximity to others.
  • Continue best practices of CDC personal hygiene.
  • Frequently clean high use areas in their vehicles.

New Covid procedures for Curbside Service with Will Call/Customer Pick Ups, Receiving Inbound Freight from Dixie Vendors and Deliveries to our customers (see next page) may be modified locally. Please be sure and confirm procedures prior to arrival at our facilities. 

Customer Pickups/Will Calls: 

We encourage customers to place orders (and make payment if required) a minimum of 3 hours prior to arriving to allow us adequate time to pull the order which expedites the entire process.

Upon arriving at the Dixie location, customers should stop at a designated “Will Call” area (it should be clearly marked by a sign). Once stopped we ask that you call the number listed on the sign and alert our team member of the order(s) number you are picking up. We are asking all customers to stay in their vehicles while we load the order(s). If payment has to be made, the customer should alert our team member and we will arrange for payment to be tendered at your vehicle. Once the order is loaded our team member will handwrite your name on the sales order and then exchange paperwork from a safe distance, if you want it. 

Inbound Freight from Dixie Supply Partners

Upon arriving Drivers should see a sign instructing them to call a phone number. The Dixie team member who answers the call will instruct the driver on where to park to be unloaded.  Our team member will ask the driver to return to their cab after they have removed and secured the tarps and straps.  If proof of delivery is required, we ask that you take a picture of our driver and maintain a safe distance as per the CDC guidelines on Social Distancing. During the entire process our Dixie team member is instructed to wear gloves and a mask, not share pens, and to maintain a 6′ or more separation.

Deliveries to Dixie Customer Partners

Dixie drivers have been instructed to follow our customer’s procedures for unloading.  In the absence of signage or instructions upon arrival, our drivers have been told to wait in the cab until someone approaches them and not to enter a customer’s place of business without permission. During the entire process our Dixie team member is instructed to wear gloves, wear a mask if they exit the cab, not share pens and maintain a 6’ or more separation.

Stay safe,

Mark Gentry - President

Danny Bachman - COO

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COVID-19 Update


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