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Appalachian Hardwood

Appalachian Hardwood

West Palm Beach Branch

What’s So Special About Appalachian Hardwood?  

Cradled between the mountains of Georgia and New York, the Appalachian growth region boasts some of the highest quality lumber in the nation. From Yellow Poplar to Walnut, a large variety of species flourish in this fertile region. A perfect union of nutrient-rich soil, cold climates and short growing seasons produce a sought-after selection of hardwoods used across the country and around the world.

Ash, also known as Biltmore Ash or Biltmore White Ash, is often used in furniture and architectural millwork projects. Despite its light weight, Ash is strong, flexible and exhibits excellent shock resistance. It can be used in antique and railroad cars, boats, cabinets and even canoe paddles! 

Appalachian Hardwood

Although rolling hills, ample rainfall and lush soil contribute to the superior quality, it is the climate that sets Appalachian Hardwoods apart. Warm, humid summers encourage growth and development in the trees, while cold winters make the growth gradual. This particular weather cycle is directly related to the visual quality of the species. Gradual growth produces tighter growth rings which result in fewer variances and uniform colors. When combined, these factors create a strong, durable, beautiful piece of lumber. Additionally, all Appalachian Hardwood is kiln dried which eliminates a majority of the split ends. 

Cherry, also known as Rum Cherry or Wild Black Cherry, is a favorite of fine cabinetry and furniture makers. Known for its rich reddish-brown color, it can be used in crafts, toys, paneling and veneers. Cherry kitchen cabinets are emerging in 2019 for a more natural look. 

Aside from Poplar, Hard Maple is a preferred choice for anything from millwork and cabinets to construction projects. Unlike most hardwoods, the sapwood is preferred over the heartwood due to beautiful coloring. Easy to transform with both hand and machine tools, Hard Maple is used for anything from floors to musical instruments.

Red Oak is a classic American hardwood used in floors, cabinets, joinery and architectural millwork. Interesting fact about Red Oak: It is commonly used when making caskets because of its strength and durability.

White Oak is a high volume product for manufacturers because of its strength and rot-resistant properties. Its unique open grain and rough texture distinguish White Oak from Red Oak. Outside of cabinets, trim and veneer, it is also used to make fence posts, ships and whiskey barrels. 

Walnut, or American Black Walnut, is a rare and highly sought-after native hardwood. When steamed, the rich chocolate color of the heartwood is enhanced and the cream-colored sapwood is darkened. Because of its hardy, shock resistant nature, Walnut is often used for dining and bedroom furniture, bookcases and even shotguns. 

And finally: Poplar! Poplar is a versatile hardwood that ranges in color from white, tan, green, purple, black, blue and yellow. It’s straight grained, uniform texture, moderate weight and ability to take a variety of finishes well makes this hardwood a favorite among manufacturers. Poplar can be used in furniture, doors, millwork and construction projects.

At Dixie Plywood, we take pride in supply the finest quality hardwoods to the furniture, cabinetry, millwork and architectural industries. All of the species listed above are available at our West Palm Beach location in Florida. Visit our page for questions and contact info. 

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