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Innovation in design, simplicity in execution.

You can be confident that when you choose Surface Synergies, you will find an eclectic collection of innovative designs, offering Thermally Fused Melamine, Thermal Foil, High Pressure Laminates, and Edge Banding... all matched to exacting standards.

Cabrera Collection

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Introducing Cabrera
A New Dimension of Quality Wood Finishes

With an already successful launch of the Elme’ series, Funder America, Inc. is expanding the series from five colorations to eight. The fresh, new color additions include Puro, D’oro and Leggero.

The Elme’ series is currently marketed in Funder’s random ticking finish andour very successful Sabatini Texture. Moving forward, in conjunction with the new colorations, will be the addition of a brand new texture being offered we are calling “Cabrera”. A deep rich grain that closely emulates “in line registration,” “Cabrera” coordinates especially well with the particular series. An overwhelming response to the new “Cabrera” texture was received at the most recent IWF Show in Atlanta

C063 Leggaro
C064 Doro
C065 Puro
C363 Apple Cocoa
C439 Marseille
C481 Monaco
C498 Espresso
C568 Tuscani
C607 Bisque
C669 Campania
C710 Umbria
C747 Rococo
C793 Blanca
C955 Folkstone
C971 McKinley White

Wood Grain DixieLAM Designs

213 Clark Cherry
214 Lewis Cherry
215 Santa Maria Maple
218 Champlain
221 Drake
222 Hudson Cherry
224 Nina Maple
225 Pinta
229 Tenino Wenge
231 Tenino Oak
233 Tenino Gray
234 Tenino Walnut
338 Driftwood Maple
363 Apple Cocoa
364 Cognac
366 Cayenne Maple
388 Wild Apple
454 Mocha
498 Espresso
567 Dixie Mahogany
570 Arbor Myrtle
572 Grove Myrtle
573 Dixie Sycamore
596 Bank Alder
603 Lauren Mahogany
604 Gordon Cherry
610 Hardrock Maple
755 Cherrywood
795 Fusion Maple
842 Milano
843 Naples
844 Sicilia

Mediterranean Collection

439 Marseille
481 Monaco
658 Tuscani Elme
669 Campania Elme
710 Umbria Elme
747 Rococo Elme
793 Blanca Elme

Solid Color DixieLAM Designs

107 Black
128 Fog
607 Bisque
823 Almond
941 Nova White
955 Folkstone
971 McKinley White

Discontinued DixieLAM Designs

219 Magellan
D336 Mellow Apple